Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death Fast Restart - The two deaths that must be avoided

Death Fast Restart - The two deaths that must be avoided
In each of my last two or three fasts, abstaining from food, the notion that without an army there is no hope has come to the fore, powerfully on numerous occasions, and then receded.  It has not receded because I've re-thought the idea.  Rather it's been crowded out by other important considerations; and this has occurred without my consciously recognizing or controlling process. 
Any and all hope for the human species, on its deathbed, and all life which we humans are on the cusp of irredeemably exterminating; all hope lies in an unviolent army, by whatever name, whether it conceives of itself that way or not, though it would.  Not one person, not ten people not 1000 people alone, will change the course of history.  So all hope lies in the formation of an INSHE army. 
How does one person with this conception best do their part of bringing about such an army?  As it relates to averting environmental Armageddon, for Loving, there seem to be three choices:  1. Be what the soldier should be, do what the soldier should do; which is to return to death fast, to restart the death fast.  2.  The polar opposite, valid choice for Loving, is to be the best possible Sgt. Foley, the best possible Yoda.  3.  Is there a #3?  The death fast was premised, per se, on the answer being yes!  And, to the degree that it was premised on the idea of blazing the trail, sinking the pilot well, this was the correct option.  But subsequent to the death fast starting, among the things that have changed are, a. Loving's view that there are not, anywhere, remotely ready recruits to the army has intensified, sadly; b. the notion that everything depends on the army being formed, has taken yet another leap toward the center of Loving's strategic vision; and c. Loving has developed in his capacity and self-recognition as a Sgt. Foley, among the only (the only?) in significant part through the development of "Resurrecting the INSHE Warrior in You – a Personal Trainer."
The notion of gravity has occurred to me as a concept helpful in grappling with the underlying truth.  Gravity like that which can be exerted by the moon.  To attract people out of the Matrix - was that most likely to occur if: a. those who first got out – lived nobly and were quickly all killed, and no longer existed any of them, so they were lore, a myth, historical examples; or b. would those in the Matrix best be served if in their time there still were living examples?  And that pretty well answers the question doesn't it?  Living examples, barring any overriding situational imperative.
So for those outside the Matrix - Neo, Morpheus, the thousands of others, there were two deaths that they owed to the entire human species, two deaths that they owed it to them to avoid: A. the death of their Hearts to the head and the flesh; the death of their humanity, to say the same thing another way.  The instant that they, recognized or unrecognized, that they allow that death, no longer were they a counter to entropy.  B.  Their physical death, because likewise, pretty much the instant that they allowed their physical death their hopefulness to those with pulse in the Matrix all but vanished.  
If what's just been said is incorrect, that could be seen in thinking of the INSHE warriors of history.  How much did their positive gravity diminish when they died?  Clearly it did not diminish entirely.  Did it diminish at all, did it increase?  Is Dr. King's life an example?  It seems that with his death, so too died the true insanely humane warriors that had been fighting alongside him.  They became pseudo-warriors, fake warriors.
If the historical record can be trusted, Jesus death had the opposite effect for about 200 years, spawning an INSHE army of thousands, and maybe much more. But he saw initial recruits, if only a dozen or so; and Loving sees maybe one; no disrespect to anyone else.
This is very important to wrestle to the ground, because whether it's the strategy for Loving or some other INSHE warrior, this remains central to strategy.  And it seems that both deaths must be avoided at all cost, except that the time and circumstance override - the most specific of circumstances by timing, readiness of others to pick up the work, and thereby, the existence of an army, at least in it's earliest stages of formation.
I've been down this circular road, before, but I experience becoming better at it; learning more each time.