Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Coal Using Climate Change Bill To Roll Back Clean Air Act Huffington Post

New Nuclear Plant for Ohio Pondered New York Times

The Climate Post: Gimme your wallet–or else the forest here gets it Grist Magazine

FEATURE-Borneo project aims to yield lessons on saving forests Reuters

You Don't Have to Scale a Dragline to Take Action Today! It's Getting Hot In Here

14 arrested in latest Massey protest Charleston Gazette

Coal lobby fights back on climate bill The Hill

Britain faces severe warming by 2080s: study Reuters

Nuclear Ecology Inevitable. Daily Kos

Temperature rise in 70 years comparable to end of the ice age Daily Kos

Honest Accounting For Global Warming Huffington Post

';Tough' Negotiator Peterson Rocks Climate Debate New York Times

Lawmakers Back Energy Companies With Their Private Dollars New York Times

Oceans Rising Faster Than UN Forecast, Scientists Say Bloomberg

White House will intensify energy push Politico

Climate change will have "severe" impact on Asia-UN

Expansive Energy Bill Advances In Congress Washington Post

More loan guarantees expected for nuclear plants MarketWatch

Wind farm developers eye northeastern Utah Forbes

How Obama Will Outspend Reagan on Defense CounterPunch

US Study Projects How 'Unequivocal Warming' Will Change Americans ... New York Times

Waxman says Dems ‘very close’ to a climate deal

The Great Transformation: Climate change as cultural change

National Wildlife Federation summary and “Toolbox Assessment” of Waxman-Markey

how clean energy legislation will create 1.7 million jobs and opportunities for low-income families, including lower energy bills

African farms to be devastated by warming

ExxonMobil with front-page ad that falsely asserts “Today’s car has 95% fewer emissions than a car from 1970″

NASA say no “Maunder Minimum” — sorry, deniers — Solar Cycle 24 poised to rev up

What is the clean energy bank and why is it in Waxman-Markey

CO2 currently at highest level in 2.1 million years, Summer ‘dead zone’ could be largest on record

Senate Panel Approves Energy Bill New York Times

The only geo-engineering article you need to read UN Dispatch`

Legislators Framing Climate Bills Hold Energy Stock Wall Street Journal`

Critical Biomass Washington Post

Critical Biomass
Washington Post

The End of the Amazon? Foreign Policy

Energy bill advances in Senate The Associated Press

Energy bill advances in Senate
The Associated Press

'World's biggest science experiment' BBC News

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Senate Energy Committee's Energy Package Misses Opportunity to ... Common Dreams

Oh Great...Global Warming is Slowing Wind Speeds EcoGeek - Missoula,MT

New report stresses immediacy of global warming San Francisco Chronicle

Utilities Could Cash In On Climate Bill Forbes

New 'Urban Car' claims to slash CO2 emissions by two thirds CNN

New Climate Change Report: From Bad to Worse TIME

Enviro Groups Fault Scaled-Back FutureGen Carbon Goal New York Times

EPA targets cement industry emissions Los Angeles Times

US House Democrats From Midwest Rebel Against Climate Bill Wall Street Journal

Australia's carbon farmers in quiet revolution Reuters


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The costs of climate change The Hill

Scientists warn of devastating effects from climate change San Francisco Chronicle

UN warns of 'megadisasters' linked to climate change AFP

White House: Climate change damage happening now The Associated Press

UN Atomic Energy Chief Says Iran Wants Bomb Technology New York Times

UN Atomic Energy Chief Says Iran Wants Bomb Technology New York Times

US Chooses Four Utilities to Revive Nuclear Industry Wall Street Journal

Wind farm ruling faces appeal Cape Cod Times

Clean-energy windmills a 'dirty business' for farmers in Mexico USA Today

Water supplies at risk from fires in dead forests The Associated Press

Tractors clog Calif freeway in water cuts protest San Francisco Chronicle

Byrd staff to examine mountaintop removal, flooding Charleston Gazette - WV

Study Maps Best Spots for Harnessing High-Altitude Winds New York Times

How will climate change affect where you live? Christian Science Monitor

The Economic Impact of Climate Change New York Times

Global warming study: US has already started changing Boston Globe

Author of Whole Earth Catalog Favors Nuclear, GMOs, and ...

Lots of great green stuff in the latest issue of The Atlantic Grist Magazine

Climate Trap New York Times

Climate Trap
New York Times

House may vote on climate change bill next week Reuters

Report supports NC as center for 'green' jobs, governor says

The Americas Peru: Premier Asks to Revoke Laws New York Times

If You Hug the Trees, Can You Have More Renewable Energy and ... New York Times

Australian Climate Plan Needs Further Modeling, Committee Says Bloomberg

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New York Times Wishes A Little Wish On Global Warming The Chilling Effect

Scalable, Practical Energy? Daily Kos

Climate Change Is Behind Many Preventable Deaths Wall Street Journal

Boxer plans week of Aug. 3 for cap-and-trade markup, Udall (D-CO ... MIT Technology Review

The next 'moon landing?' Norway plans deep-sea CO2 storage.

Gas Attack: Coal (And Clean Energy) Under Assault From Cheap ... Wall Street Journal Blogs

US Energy Secretary wants to cut carbon in the Americas Reuters

Peterson taking a stand for biofuels Minneapolis Star Tribune

Peterson taking a stand for biofuels
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Greenland ice sheet melting faster than expected and could raise East Coast sea levels an extra 20 inches by 2100 — to more than 6 feet

Boxer plans week of Aug. 3 for cap-and-trade markup, Udall (D-CO) gives final bill “50-50 or better odds” of passing the Senate this year

Lifestyle melts away with Uganda peak snow cap

Definitive NOAA-led report on U.S. climate impacts warns of scorching 9 to 11°F warming over most of inland U.S. by 2090 with Kansas above 90°F some 120 days a year

Water risks ripple through the beverage industry Reuters

US report to press case for quick moves on climate Reuters

China, US move toward clean technology deal China Daily

Senate Committee Looks to Complete Energy Bill Markup as Floor ... New York Times

Irish investor blows into Illinois with $1 billion for wind farm ... Chicago Tribune

Grist celebrates in DC with Thomas Friedman

t r u t h o u t | Northwest Utilities Turn to Nuclear, 25 Years ...