Saturday, December 5, 2009

DISASTER: Migration is the only escape from rising tides of climate change in Bangladesh

Protests Add Pressure For Copenhagen Climate Deal New York Times

Climate change protests due ahead of Copenhagen summit BBC News

Ethanol and Smog: A Matter of Our Health New York Times

MUST SEE: DN! 25 Years After Bhopal Disaster, Still Seeking Justice

WashPo again lets Will misinform about global warming

LIKE THEYVE GOT CHOICE? Dutch approach to climate change: Adapt Washington Post

A few want to help. MOST want to help-themselves. SL

"Few chose war.  They chose selfishness, and the result was war." 
David Dellinger

A few want to "help."  MOST want to "help-themselves."  SL  :-(

COOL!!! UN hits back at climate sceptics BBC News

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California utility PG&E to buy first wind project

Cap and trade means plant a tree for farmers

CUTE! Mankind on Thin Ice

Kerry unveils Foreign Relations’ contribution to Senate global warming bill

It’s the economy, stupid!

CLIMATEPROGRESS.ORG : “Climate Science: Setting the Record Straight”

"CHANGE:" Obama’s double Copenhagen stunner

Break-ins Reported at Another Top Climate Research Center

Bob Dylan song adopted by Copenhagen climate summit BBC News

Huh? Himalayan glaciers melting deadline 'a mistake' BBC News

Top US Scientists Tell Congress Stolen E-Mails Have No Bearing on ... Common Dreams

Utah Supreme Court rules against coal plant The Associated Press

EPA Set to Regulate Wastewater from Coal-Fired Power Plants Scientific American

One Last Post on the Hacked Climate Emails: Scientists Speak Out Treehugger

Hacked climate e-mail rebutted by scientists San Francisco Chronicle

Ecuador Asks U.S. Court to Block Chevron Wall Street Journal

Obama Delays Trip to Climate Summit to Be 'Most Productive' Bloomberg

GOPredators: GOP cautions Obama against climate commitment The Associated Press

BP deals with 2nd Alaskan pipeline spill in a week Forbes

LA cuts water consumption by 18%, setting new conservation record Los Angeles Times

Robert Byrd Denounces Coal Industry Fearmongering (Not A Typo) Firedoglake

Watergate redux: Break-ins reported at another top climate ... Grist Magazine

Huh? The ignorance behind anti-nuclear bias Los Angeles Times

Study: No Impact on Property Values From Wind Turbines New York Times

New York Times
Study: No Impact on Property Values From Wind Turbines
New York Times
By JOHN COLLINS RUDOLF AP Common sense would seem to dictate that wind turbines – their towers hundreds of feet high – would bring down the property values ...
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Friday, December 4, 2009

CHANGE: Obama Shifts His Visit to Last Day of Climate Conference New York Times

Obama on His Own on Global Warming

Ford Creates 62 MPG Gas Cars in Europe

Pilot Projects Aim to Integrate Solar Into Fossil Plants New York Times

Hot, medium and cool fusion

Study: Slowdown in warming last year not permanent The Associated Press

Global warming may require higher dams, stilts The Associated Press

Promising solution Financial Times

Promising solution
Financial Times

Jobs for Today, Jobs for the Future

Think Again: A Climate of Conspiracy

Sen. Byrd stunner: “Coal Must Embrace The Future

Graham says Obama has his back on climate bill

NASA Climate Change Scientist to Boycott Copenhagen Climate Summit Treehugger

Copenhagen forest-saving plans to create 'carbon refugees' Register

Rich Nations Can Now Offset Carbon Emissions With... Birth Control? Treehugger

The Tragedy of the Himalayas TIME

WOO HOO: Gordon Brown attacks 'flat-earth' climate change sceptics

When the Copenhagen climate-change summit came to youtube

350 Rap Battle Heating up from Berlin to Beijing? It's Getting Hot In Here

Test flight results have been good, but questions remain whether jet biofuel ... Scientific American

Lakes Ontario, Erie eyed for wind turbines Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Calif. eyes $10 billion cost to tunnel delta water San Jose Mercury News

Mumbai protest over water cuts leads to violent clashes BBC News

Multiple US Coal-Fired Electricity Generating Plants Closing: What Gives? Treehugger

New Ontario solar plant to create 500 jobs Toronto Star

US business leaders counter critics on climate AFP

Offshore wind farm plan scrapped BBC News

Solar Plant in Space Gets Go-Ahead New York Times

The White House Convenes Young Green Leaders New York Times

Climate change threatens life in Shishmaref, Alaska CNN

Toronto is acting on climate change

Google Earth offers a vision of post-global warming California Christian Science Monitor

interview with National Renewable Energy Laboratory director on solar thermal, PV, and algae

Nature editorial: “Nothing in the e-mails undermines the scientific case that global warming is real — or that human activities are almost certainly the cause.”

percentage of global warming is due to human causes vs. natural causes?

Science advisor John Holdren on the hacked emails and the state of climate science

How climate change is increasing our vulnerability to chemical pollution

Climate e-mail hackers ‘aimed to maximise harm to Copenhagen summit’

An energy answer in the shale below?

Is China’s Oil and Coal Binge Coming to an End?

As emissions increase, carbon ’sinks’ get clogged

Vilsack: Climate bill to be boon to farmers

WOO HOO!: nc power company will shutter 11 coal-fired plants McClatchy Washington Bureau

President Obama Launches Secret Green Partnership With India to Cut Greenhouse ... Scientific American

Enough posturing politics. Time to let the experts lead

United Stupids of America: As Climate Summit Nears, Skeptics Gain Traction TIME

Swing Senate Dems lay out climate goals for Obama The Hill

Sen. Kerry sees 'definite Republican votes' for climate change legislation The Hill

Thursday, December 3, 2009

CHANGE: India Plans to Cut Emission Intensity 20%-25% by 2020 Bloomberg

Jatropha Takes Root in Brazil New York Times

Indefinite population growth is not an option

EPA rejects Inhofe's call for delay on finding

Environmental groups unprepared for 'Swift Boating' of climate science Grist

Exelon closing two Pa. fossil-fuel plants Philadelphia Inquirer

Groups Petition EPA to Set Greenhouse Gas Limits Under Clean Air Act New York Times

Obama Science Adviser Urges Climate Action Amid Uproar Wall Street Journal

Britain to shift to smart grid, meter systems Reuters

United Stupids of America: Young voters fault Obama on many measures - poll Reuters

Setting A Higher Bar For Climate Change Forbes

Google Earth explores climate risks to California The Associated Press

India Can Curb Carbon-Emissions Growth Through 2031 Bloomberg

Climate talk collapse better for planet: NASA's Hansen Reuters

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BAD NEWS: EPA Says It Expects to Raise Amount of Ethanol Allowed in Fuel Blends to 15% New York Times

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions has major direct health benefits

GOP-leaning voters support bipartisan action on energy

New Australian opposition leader vows to block climate plan

Coal concerns lead U.S. climate bill challenges

China and U.S. agree — more electric cars?

Europeans could save planet for $3 a day: study

U.S. falling behind in clean-energy race: Chu

Savannah River Site, Georgia, South Carolina can lead the country

CHANGE: Moves by US, China induce India to do its bit on climate Washington Post

The price tag for cleaner coal The Hill

Progress Energy Joins Stampede Away from Coal Reuters

The coal, hard facts on climate policy ABC Online

Kerry climate blueprint watch – an update The Hill

The UN's carbon trading system in numbers Financial Times

81-year-old fasting to try to stop mountaintop removal Charleston Gazette

Big Utility to Close 11 Plants Using Coal New York Times

Republican candidates run from climate bill Politico

Stern attacks Australian climate sceptics ABC Online

Not just the polar bear: ten American species that are feeling the heat from ...

Australia and climate change: The pitiless blue sky

US Proposes Climate Adaptation Fund for Poor Nations New York Times

Smart grid potential gated by broadband CNET News

Google News Alert for: Fuel Cell Electric cars, fuel-efficiency policy and more Los Angeles Times

Scientist Hansen says Obama climate effort 'ineffectual' Houston Chronicle

Climate's Lost Decade Now Leads to a 'Last' Decade U.S. News & World Report

Innovation is key to future of U.S. auto industry CNN

Ethanol makers await EPA decision St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Europeans could save planet for 2 euros a day -study Reuters

Copenhagen climate summit: 50/50 chance of stopping catastrophe, Lord Stern says

Experts' climate policy warning BBC News

Increased Tree Deaths Linked to Higher Temps U.S. News & World Report

Forest Service 'Dramatically Reshaping' Plans in Response to Climate Change New York Times

Himalayan glaciers' 'mixed picture' BBC News

W. Antarctic melt to have big impact on rising sea Reuters

Coral Reefs Act Like Sunscreen Science Now

The sixth extinction Los Angeles Times

Activists arrested protesting utility's generator Myrtle Beach Sun News

Coal concerns lead U.S. climate bill challenges Reuters

Biofuel Flight Moves Aviation Closer to Clean Reuters

Company plans 500 megawatt wind farm in Montana

U.S. falling behind in clean-energy race: Chu Reuters

China Grain Output May Drop 37% on Climate Change Bloomberg

Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill AP

New public option plan The Hill

Copenhagen Lures CEOs Seeking Certainty on Climate-Change Rules Bloomberg

Monday, November 30, 2009

Denmark says no proposal to break climate deadlock Reuters

Latest attempt to question climate change is junk Seattle Post Intelligencer

Real progress possible at climate-change summit San Francisco Chronicle

Copenhagen climate conference: The key players

Countdown to Copenhagen: Foundation for a Low Carbon Future

Denmark in the Wind NYT

The times they are a-changin’ … in Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, Japan

The activists' circus comes to Copenhagen - UK

Most Canadians agree warming planet is a defining crisis that demands action ... The Canadian Press

Huge DemocracyNow day. DON'T MISS.

DN! Rich Businessman Wins Election in Honduras
DN! Hunger among Seniors up 81% since 2006
DN! Canada Police Violate Amy Goodman's Rights
DN! WTO Chief Pascal Lamay
DN! Battle of Seattle Anniversary

Fw: Diane Wilson video day #24 Hunger Strike


===from diane===

Hey all

Check out the link and please send out.  a liitle media for Climate Justice Fast:

Tree Harvester Offers to Save Indonesian Forest New York Times

How Can Humanity Avoid or Reverse the Dangers Posed by a Warming Climate? Scientific American

Vital Tests for Obama on Mandate for Change New York Times

Sunshine, sewage to power cities of the future Reuters

Mining stream buffer rule could be ready by 2011 The Associated Press

Zoos warn of mass extinctions from climate change

Dalai Lama says climate change needs global action Reuters

What Is the Right Number to Combat Climate Change? Scientific American

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big developing countries form climate change front Reuters

Global warming: Kenyan tribes battle over what's left of water Chicago Tribune

Thorny Issues on the Agenda as Rudd Meets Obama Wall Street Journal

Will Nuclear Power Blow Up Obama's Climate Goals for Copenhagen? truthout

In US "Freedom" means Freedom from Responsibility, Humanity, Brotherood...

Freedom from ...decency, consideration, accountability, restraint....

Freedom to ... pollute, steal resources, neglect the poor, hoard
and squander resources on ourselves, deny the consequences of
our irresponsibility....

Freedom to do whatever pleases us regardless of the impact
on the poor, the needy around the country, around the world.

Is this not the Truth?  Really?  REALLY?

UK taxpayers are funding the destruction of my homeland

The Human Face of Hunger Demands Climate Action at Copenhagen Treehugger

Hawaii plans to add to South Maui artificial reef Hawaii News

Who Will Break the Energy Monopolies? Daily Green

India aims for 20 gigawatts solar by 2022

“We’ve never before seen a set of people accuse an entire community of scientists of deliberate deception and other professional malfeasance."

Inhofe trashes generals who advocate for bipartisan clean energy legislation: They crave “the limelight.”

China and India Plan a Walk-Out at Copenhagen Treehugger

Canada close to nuclear deal with India The Associated Press

Utilities planning to upgrade nuclear plants Philadelphia Inquirer

India's shift to cut back emissions raises hope for climate agreement Globe and Mail

As Copenhagen summit nears, 'Climategate' dogs global warming debate Christian Science Monitor

Big developing countries form climate change front Reuters