Friday, July 10, 2009

Nanopillars Promise Cheap, Efficient, Flexible Solar Cells

Most Americans don’t believe humans responsible for climate change, study finds

Climate targets around the world

Russians Plan Floating Nuclear Plants New York Times

Nuclear-Power Debate Reignites in Germany TIME

Senate Democrats push back deadline on Obama climate change agenda

Why not split harmful carbon dioxide into harmless carbon and oxygen? Scientific American

G8 summit: Barack Obama says world can close the carbon emissions gap

Obama, Reid Don't Have 60 Senate Votes for Global Warming "Cap and ... U.S. News & World Report

Obama's healthcare, climate goals hit speed bumps Washington Post

Los Angeles' 'Coal Free' Vow Scuttles Utah Power-Plant Expansion New York Times

Regulators OK Wis. utility's wind farm in Minn. Forbes

The Carbon Logic Problem Statement Grist Magazine

Climate change punted deeper into fall Politico

Obama's drive for climate change bill delayed Washington Post

G8 Protesters Strip Down, Scale Smokestacks, Occupy Power Plants Huffington Post

Milestone: 100th Coal Plant Stopped Daily Kos

Politics may make future of solar energy "small" Reuters

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama's drive for climate change bill delayed Washington Post

Senate Democrats Begin Drawing Road Map to 60 Votes on Climate Bill New York Time

Boxer Crosses Aisle For Help on Climate Bill

Germany: Malfunction puts atomic power in focus Forbes

Biofuel development a burning priority for Obama camp Chicago Tribune

Iceland Debates the Limits of Geothermal New York Times

Russia can't hit 80 percent emission cut target Reuters

Al Gore likens global warming to Nazi threat Los Angeles Times

Sen. Reid Pushes Back Deadline for Committee Action on Climate to ... New York Times

What’s going down, Down Under?

Ford expects 10% to 25% of fleet to be electric by 2020

U.S. Chamber of Commerce — or Echo Chamber of Horrors?

while emissions of nitrous oxide form a potent greenhouse gas. How Can The World’s Fisheries Be Sustainable?

while emissions of nitrous oxide form a potent greenhouse gas.

How Can The World's Fisheries Be Sustainable?

Defining ‘Sustainable Agriculture’

Major Emitters Fail to Agree on Plan to Fight Climate Change

Breakthrough reported on low-cost alternative to silicon solar cells

Leaders of developing nations shun plan to cut greenhouse gases in ... Los Angeles Times

Obama likely to be let down on climate change Politico

Climate-change deal reached at G8 The Hill

Study: Geoengineering Won't Help Oceans New York Times

Groups Sue US Over Energy-Transmission Corridors on Public Lands New York Times

Pickens's pullback could signal shift in the wind Reuters

Obama makes nuclear compromise to pass clean energy bill

Coral condemned to extinction by CO2 levels, warns Attenborough

As US Shifts on Climate, Qualms in Europe Remain New York Times

Gore says climate deal needs more public pressure Reuters

Obama Faces Discord in Debut as Global Climate-Change Leader Bloomberg

Green' revolution under way in rural China CNN

Pickens Scales Back Ambitious Wind Farm New York Times

Nuclear Power May Be Climate Change Bargaining Chip U.S. News & World Report

How the US Is Blocking Progress on Climate Change Spiegel Online

What is Obama's international climate strategy? Grist Magazine

Monday, July 6, 2009

Climate change shifting seasons is causing widespread hunger

Reefs could perish by end of century, experts warn Reuters

House climate bill wouldn't cut US oil dependence much McClatchy

The Cap That Doesn't Fit Barron's

Obama hopes to push through G8 climate deal

Climate battle moves to the Senate Los Angeles Times

Clean Coal, and the Alternatives New York Times

Obama's dangerous game with energy policy Baltimore Sun

German Environment Minister Wants Old Nuclear Plants to Close Bloomberg

Turning baby steps into long strides in warming fight Boston Globe

G8 leaders to set emissions goals BBC News

The Right to Protection in Appalachia Washington Post

The Declaration of Interdependence

‘Fast-Track’ initiatives for up to 100,000 MW of solar energy development on Western lands

Tom Perriello (D-VA), on Waxman-Markey: “The Republicans may win some seats because of this vote, but they can’t regain their souls for demagoguing the issue.”

France imports UK electricity as summer heatwave puts a third of its nukes out of action

Krugman vs. Obama on border adjustments in the climate bill

Dirty energy lobbyist-turned-Governor Haley Barbour to champion ‘Do Nothing’ stance

Millions hungry as warming shifts seasons: Oxfam

Incandescent Bulbs Return to the Cutting Edge

Getting To 350ppm With Renewable Ammonia Daily Kos

World's largest plant to convert garbage gas to fuel to open soon ... San Jose Mercury News

Cap-and-Pay-Off Washington Post`

Washington Post

Scientific Illiteracy New York Times

Scientific Illiteracy
New York Times

Tough Senate battle likely on energy bill Baltimore Sun

Nuclear energy: no use for process with such dangerous waste Seattle Times

Preparing for a Sea Change Washington Post

Gulf blessed with lots of space for solar power GulfNews - Dubai

Wyoming plant making ethanol from trees Forbes

Human chain demo over power plant BBC News

Dems won unexpected GOP support for climate bill The Hill

Can I Clean Your Clock? New York Times

Fire danger already here in parched NW forests Seattle Times

On Climate Change, Young Activists Do Play Hardball New York Times

Are climate-change deniers guilty of treason? Christian Science Monitor

ExxonMobil Is Still Funding Global Warming Denial ... Daily Kos

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obama Says US is Making Enormous Progress on Climate Change All Cars Electric

WTO admits some trade limits may be necessary to stop climate change Los Angeles Times

On Climate Change, Young Activists Do Play Hardball New York Times

Coal Country Premiere: Big Coal Lobby Does Not Want You to See ... Huffington Post

Obama to seek climate deal in Moscow

China hikes 2011 solar power target China Daily

Could Gordon Brown save the Earth from climate change?

Climate vote threatens some Democrats' careers Politico

The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic Wall Street Journal

Taking Steps to Fight Global Warming New York Times

The Carbonated Congress Wall Street Journal

The Carbonated Congress
Wall Street Journal

Climate change is shrinking sheep BBC News

Has the political climate changed? Grist Magazine

Climate change: Is it treason to deny global warming? Seattle Times

Exelon delays plan for Texas nuclear plant The Associated Press

EPA's great decision on Kansas coal plant Kansas City Star

Mohave Closure Embodies Coal-To-Gas Shift Wall Street Journal

Los Angeles will end use of coal-fired power Reuters

Competing Technologies Push to Commercialize Renewable Petroleum New York Times

EPA extends comment period on biofuel standard Reuters UK

Green Power Takes Root in the Chinese Desert New York Times

Atonement in a Drive for Wind Power New York Times

Semi-encouraging climate-change session Atlantic Online

The Desertification of Seattle Has Begun Seattlest

A President Breaks Hearts in Appalachia Washington Post

Merkel sees G8 agreement on 2 degrees climate goal Reuters

Obama's climate leadership faces test at G8 forum -

When Our Brains Short-Circuit New York Times