Saturday, November 28, 2009

FRIENDLY FIRE: A Duet New York Times

China Jails Environmentalist Wanted in US New York Times

Solar-panel factory coming to Navy Yard Philadelphia Inquirer

Solar-panel factory coming to Navy Yard Philadelphia Inquirer

UN chief urges leaders to 'seal deal' on climate change BBC News

Toronto Star: ‘Why media tell climate story poorly’

KEY: latest climate science and response to hacked emails

Political ill wind blows a hole in the climate change debate Financial Times

Commonwealth backs $10 billion climate adaptation fund Washington Post

China's climate pledge raises expectations for Copenhagen LA Times

An Economist's Invisible Hand Wall Street Journal

Wood-fired power plants are no environmental cure-all Boston Globe

Liberal Leadership Spat Risks Australian Climate Plan Bloomberg

US and China to reduce emissions, but not enough AP

Carbon in exile: the melting of Siberia Greenpeace International

Friday, November 27, 2009

Momentum grows for Copenhagen climate deal Reuters

Best Practices for Connecting Renewables to the Grid New York Times

THIS IS KEY: Commonwealth summit in Trinidad targets climate change BBC News

UH-OH: Denmark approves new police powers ahead of Copenhagen

A Bipartisan Call for Climate Action

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Sarkozy, Lula Seek Financial Tax to Aid Environment Bloomberg

China, US Greenhouse Gas Pledges May Drive UN Deal Bloomberg

Brazil: 'Gringos' must pay to stop Amazon razing

China vows to cut greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020 LATimes

Liberals ditch carbon tax in favour of cap-and-trade climate policy Globe and Mail

Obama's Climate Goals vs. the Senate's New York Times

WOOHOO: US Is Unlikely to Use All the Ethanol Congress Ordered NYT

PARASITE ALERT: In Greenland, warming fuels dream of hidden wealth AP

Slower population growth to help environment: UN study AFP

RETHUG: Perry leads Texas GOP fight against climate bill AP

Australian Senate delays carbon vote to next week Reuters

Commonwealth sees island states on climate frontline Reuters

Sarkozy hails US, Chinese climate proposals AFP

US Congress investigates Climategate e-mails...

Obama asked to delay wind farm decision Cape Cod Times

Texas power plants are country's top polluters Dallas Morning News

New climate targets may not change daily life much The Associated Press

POSCO aims to halt CO2 via hydrogen steelmaking Reuters

Brown proposes global fund to kick-start Copenhagen climate change process

China to put 2010 economic stress on climate change Reuters

Climate debate heats up Caribbean summit The Associated Press

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Solar power 50% cheaper, other clean energy sources drop 10%

CHANGE: New U.S.-India Partnership ups prospects for climate deal

Washington Post: "global warming deniers’ claims irresponsible.”

DON'T MISS: Are we there yet?

'Significant' US change on global warming: Al Gore Herald Sun

Indonesian police stop Greenpeace forest protest AP

Businesses in US Brace for New Rules on Emissions New York Times

Ohio gives up on plans for coal-fired power plant Columbus Dispatch

HUH? Obama to commit US to deep cuts in emissions SF Chronicle

A Competitive Boost For Solar Energy Forbes

The challenge in Copenhagen: reshaping the world The Associated Press

GOD DAMN US: Climate change help for the poor 'has not materialised' BBC

Climate of denial Washington Post

Eat less meat 'to reduce climate change and save lives' Telegraph

China's climate pledge at forefront of global needs: IEA AFP

3000 scientists tell federal government to 'act now' on climate change

Scientists target Canada over climate change

NASA compares 2009 to the two hottest years: 2005 and 2007

Pr. Obama to attend Copenhagen

Deniers sue NASA blogger over moderation policy

'Copenhagen Diagnosis' offers a grim update to the ipcc's climate science

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Prisons prepare for an influx of detainees during the UN Climate Change ... The Copenhagen Post

Iran warned over nuclear 'dead end' by UN's El Baradei BBC News

CHANGE: Obama to commit US to deep cuts in emissions San Francisco Chronicle

CHANGE: China unveils carbon target ahead of Copenhagen Reuters

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Share Our Sacrifice Act of 2010 The Washington Independent

Global Warming: Once Stable East Antarctica Losing Ice TIME

Australia's carbon scheme gains bipartisan support Reuters

India, US Agree on Climate Change Voice of America

Held hostage by the oil sands Toronto Star

Effort to scrap anti-nuclear law in Minn. ramps up AP

Wave energy generator pumps power to Scotland CNET News

California leads the way on 'cap and trade' San Jose Mercury News

Boston faces deep risk from sea level rise Boston Globe

Climate change to hit water-scarce Arab world hard Reuters

NZ passes carbon trade laws, Australia edges closer Reuters

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Germany goes green

Scientists must stop sanitising their message Guardian ClimateProg

Antarctica contributing significantly more to global sea-level rise CP

Let’s go with cap-and-innovate

Turning a Lens on Climate Change Wall Street Journal

Indian PM says US, India to sign climate memo The Associated Press

Wind turbine maker plans southern Indiana plant Chicago Tribune

4 jailed after W.Va. mine protest, 2 released Daily Press

Salazar fires back at oil industry 'untruths' AP

UNITED STUPIDS OF AMERICA: Americans growing skeptical of global warming Washington Post

Even green groups see it as 'part of the answer' Washington Post

50% More Civil War In Africa by 2030... Thanks to Climate Change Treehugger

Climate change: Are women the solution? Christian Science Monitor

Australia takes step to CO2 trade, aids Copenhagen Reuters

Climate change quickens, seas feared up 2 meters Reuters


DN! Rep. Obey Calls For War Surtax
DN! FBI Releases New Hate Crime Data
DN! Officer Shoves Passenger Into Window
DN! Lou Dobbs Considers a Presidential Run in 2012
DN! Women of Zimbabwe Arise Honored At White Hosue
DN! Police Brutality Against Students Protesting Fee Hikes CAL Berkeley

Climate change: Copenhagen in graphics BBC News

Monday, November 23, 2009

Utility to store air underground to generate power The Associated Press

A Surplus of Energy That Might Even Last New York Times

US to Propose Emissions Cut Before Climate Talks New York Times

Urgent: Pls help.

“Rain like this happens once every 1,000 years”


HUGE!!!!! Cartoon from The Economist

Carly Fiorina challenges climate science

AP: Since 1997 ‘climate change has worsened...

“I would venture that the cleanest power will be coal.” :-) ClimateProg

Will the WashPo ever fact check a George Will column? ClimateProg

The White House's climate conundrum Politico

Copenhagen climate conference: celebrity supporters


senator says he'll sacrifice his job for healthcare reform Raw Story

UK firms fail to take climate risk seriously: study Reuters

China sentences quake activist to 3 years in prison Washington Post

Rudd's final appeal for emissions vote ABC Online

Leak at Three Mile Island exposes workers ... NYDN

Mountain Top Removal Debate Heats Up Appalachian Independent

Work starts on eastern Maine wind farm Boston Globe

Solar energy industry brings a ray of hope to the Rust Belt Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Oil reserves running short? Don't believe it San Jose Mercury News

Climate change sceptics and lobbyists put world at risk Guardian

Editorial: One environmental activist's wild legal ride Los Angeles Times

Green jobs help climate, boost social justice San Francisco Chronicle

India challenges Western data linking climate change, Himalayan melt WashPo

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Britain Poster Campaign Warning of Climate Change Danger Bloomberg

Political Left & Right: 2 Faces of InHumanity. OBAMA'S THE 3RD WAY.

The "Right" kills by elevating primitive action over ideas.

The "Left" kills by substituting ideas for courageous action.

President Obama represents the 3RD WAY, IF WE WILL JOIN HIM:


Saul Alinsky called it "RADICAL."


Denmark says 65 leaders to attend climate talks Reuters

Energy battles loom as Waxman and Markey attack derivatives bill The Hill

Pr. Obama ready to offer target for cutting co2

Acid oceans leave fish at more risk from predators BBC