Friday, June 26, 2009

US to spend $3.9 billion on "smart" power grid: Chu Reuters

Energy execs give US climate bill grudging support

The Climate Bill in Climate Context New York Times

Climate Change Reactions U.S. News & World Report

Climate Change Reactions
U.S. News & World Report

Lula signs land law aimed at reforming Amazon Reuters

The bad and maybe not-so-bad of the latest Waxman-Peterson deal Grist Magazine

For the Farm Lobby, Too Much Is Never Enough Washington Post

Waxman-Markey Washington Post`

Washington Post

Two Utilities Are Leaving Clean Coal Initiative New York Times

EU to help China test carbon capture The Associated Press

Can large wind farms tweak weather downwind? Christian Science Monitor

It's Mountain Day Daily Kos

Subcommittee Hearing on Mountaintop Removal It's Getting Hot In Here

AEP, Southern pull out of FutureGen project Reuters

The Non-Concession concession? Grist Magazine

Farm-State Deal on House Climate Bill Pares Biomass Restrictions New York Times

The 'Gigaton Throwdown' and the Big Hairy Audacious Question Reuters

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Calm days, clouds could stymie solar, wind future Reuters

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How bad is the Peterson-Waxman deal on climate legislation? Grist Magazine

Limits on Emissions Have Wide Support Washington Post

Australian Senate delays carbon trade vote Reuters

A Greener Look for Coal Washington Post

A Greener Look for Coal
Washington Post

Marsh Fork Mountaintop Removal Protest Grist Magazine

Help bring Obama to the mountaintop... Daily Kos

Reuters More than "renewable" energy needed: Microsoft Reuters

Ethanol lobby flexes muscle on climate bill The Hill

Seeking a tougher climate bill, green groups set eyes on the Senate Grist Magazine

White House threatens defense spending bill veto The Associated Press`

Why I'm not freaked out about the Waxman-Markey bill Grist Magazine

Cisco: Smart Grid May Be "1000 times larger than the Internet" Reuters

The Collin Peterson Climate Change Compromise Atlantic Online

Activist groups rally support for climate bill Grist Magazine

The New Nuclear Revolution Wall Street Journal

The New Nuclear Revolution
Wall Street Journal

James Hansen and Daryl Hannah Arrested in MTR Protest Daily Kos

Farm Groups Prevail as House Climate Bill Puts USDA in Charge of ... New York Times

Alberta's oil sands show signs of life Globe and Mail

Vote Set on House Climate Bill Washington Post

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Raytheon Tests Carbon Sequestration New York Times

Ozone-friendly HFCs still post threat USA Today

Court OKs dumping gold mine waste in lake The Associated Press

Daryl Hannah, Scientist Arrested In Mountain-Top Removal Protest ... By Huffington Pos

EPA chief Lisa Jackson on mountaintop removal, climate legislation ... Grist Magazine

Greenpeace calls for coal plant rethink Bangkok Post

Jatropha tree examined as a biofuel alternative The Associated Press

Solar industry to see faster than expected growth The Associated Press

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US awards exploratory leases for offshore wind Reuters

Experts say wind energy key to Oklahoma economy Forbes

Obama, and Gore lobby last batch of fence-sitters; Ohio Democrats wriggle on the fence as House vote approaches

New natural gas supplies — great for low-cost climate action, bad for coal

Scotland approves 42% reduction in CO2 by 2020; Sears Tower to generate most of its own power

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newly Uncovered Enzymes Turn Corn Plant Waste into Biofuel Scientific American

Sierra Club and 28 other NGOs urge House members “to support final passage” of Waxman-Markey

No More Nuclear Subisidies! Daily Kos

House Climate Bills's Annual Average Household Cost Is $175, CBO Says New York Times

Supreme Court Backs Army Corps, Mining Company in Alaska Water Case New York Times

Solar, Wind and Water.... The New Power Daily Kos

CBO: Climate bill costs to be modest. The Associated Press

Refrigerants set to spur climate change: study Reuters

Renewable energy to create jobs, experts say Forbes

Can we be 'green' and eat tropical products, too? Grist Magazine

Swiss glaciers melting faster than ever before: study Reuters India

Seeing through Israel's delay tactics Boston Globe

The two most important questions that both critics and supporters of Waxman-Markey must answer

Amazon deforestation declines to record low, Swiss glaciers melting faster than ever before

New York Times for running ExxonMobil’s greenwashing ad once again — they can’t plead ignorance this time, only greed

NASA’s James Hansen arrested in protest on mountaintop removal

Consumer electric bills 7% lower in 2020 thanks to efficiency — plus 50 GW of extra coal retirements and no new dirty plants

A Sea Change in China's Attitude Toward Carbon Capture New York Times