Friday, April 10, 2009

Blogging will slow. Our Beloved Hero Brother is Cricified today, for us.

I'll be with Him as best I can these next 3 days, reading his words, and pondering  His imponderable Love for us.  Gandhi's #1 Hero; ML King's, Romero's, Teresa's, Start's....  Oh, He Loved us so.  I want that same Love within me for us all.  Always have.  My dad had it, pretty much.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Leaks, wasteful toilets cause cascading water loss USA Today - USA

Opinion: To continue growing, San Jose must rely on recycled water San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA

***Government study finds offshore wind could meet US electricity needs Business Green - London,England,UK

Providing the tools to get a strong international climate agreement Grist Magazine - Seattle,WA,USA

Biofuel research expands possibilities San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA

Biofuel research expands possibilities
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA

Producers look to next generation of biofuels

Producers look to next generation of biofuels San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA

Glaciers continue to disappear

An Antarctic ice shelf has disappeared: scientists

Yes on Climate Bill, Maybe on the Mechanism

The energy crisis is an artificial one, created by bad policies.

Will Obama's Revolution Deliver Energy Independence?

Oil and natural gas, however, are not what's lighting up the Obama energy agenda. The new president is setting out to change the very nature of American energy, from the way we use it to the way we generate it.

Pelosi outlines her priorities

Obama's Cap-and-Trade Plan Goes Cold

Louis-Rosenberg explains dangers of Mountain Top Removal Mining

Mountaintop removal: Citizens meet with White House

UN: A Constructive Approach to talking about "Population Control"

Ethanol lobbyist concerned with climate change focus in D.C.

Climate clock is ticking

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

Economy, water rules batter Tampa Bay landscapers

Dead Zones: Do More Biofuels Mean More Dead Fish?

That's a conclusion of a new scientific paper that looks at what it would take to produce the amount of ethanol required by the federal government in coming years. To hit the 2015 ethanol mandate, a lot of land currently set aside in conservation programs and other land used for soybean cultivation would need to be converted to corn. Growing all that corn means more fertilizer, which will feed into the Mississippi River and end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Warming Debate Heats the House

And this draft bill Markey helped write is very ambitious. It would mandate greater energy efficiency, much more use of renewable energy sources, and deep cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.

Pelosi Promises Caution on Climate Change Legislation

Faced with a GOP assault on proposed climate change legislation and restiveness within her own ranks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged Thursday that any measure the House passes this year won't overly burden utility ratepayers or businesses.

Congress on Climate: A Zig, A Zag, and Then a Zig, Sort Of

It's been a busy week in Congress for climate legislation. But signals have been mixed.