Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looks like tomorrow, Sunday, night, book 2. Help?

Hi.  I just couldn't clearly see the end of this book 2 project, but now I can.  Barring any calamity, like being bled dry by these mosquitoes, or being too slow to escape threats like tonight's that I be arrested for using the same electrical outlets I've used all of the last 3 weekends (what was that about?),  Sunday night, tomorrow night, you will receive a really solid Book 2 that I, the next 2000 generations desperately need you to read, deeply, and to make whatever strong, negative or positive comments that you think can have a major, constructive impact on the value of the book.  All 96 essays, 96 character traits of history's effective, unviolent warriors, are 100% done, 6 are partial but need finishing touches, much or the preliminary credits, who is the book for, dedication... has been done.  A huge portion remains, the spreadsheet based Personal daily Trainer, but I've given that much thought technically, design, function... so I expect it to roll out quickly.

A day or two later you'll receive book 1, I'm quite sure, including incorporation of the one set of detailed suggestions I received, from Brian.  Draft 6, new dedication, new first essay targeted at Romm (Rome), Brown, Hansen, telling them among other things how they could save my life (Yes, literally.  I'm entitled to a little gallows humor.)

I'm functioning very well, and this is likely to continue at least thru the end of this week. Can't project beyond that.

Those that do a detail read of both books, will have probably qualified themselves to see if they think the Death Fast as currently planned and executed, can be improved, thought thru, and in all likelihood any thoughtful, deep, deep from the heart replanning from and with such individuals can be monumentally important, to the next 2000 generations.

Confidentially, Hope has reported what may be a monumental step forward - Lester Brown's organization's plan to begin blogging on the Death Fast - the first real spine shown by any of the global warming leaders, ever, except for Hansen under Bush 2.  Hasn't happened yet.  Let's stay quiet on it, and see.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Huh. No one told me it was Friday. Oh sh*#

I didn't realize till just now, so 6 hours of my 14 hours of battery life are locked in a coffee shop.  Weekends I have to leave to power in the evenings anyway, so no huge deal, but if anyone sees me gone by mid afternoon tomorrow and sunday, that's the deal, I'm up sucking electrons.

If you don't have a really, really solid book 2 by sunday, I'll be really, really surprised.  Am making great progress.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 31 Death Fast report - Taking Calories is taking away 1/3 of every day

Day 31 Death Fast report - Taking Calories is taking away 1/3 of every day

Sleep, sleep.... sleep.  Argh.  I've been sure of this for some time, it is far easier, far less effort for the body to feed off of itself than to feed off of external calories.

20 essays left to proof read, then about 5 more essays to shoot, transcirbe, proof.  Then the fairly arduous task of pulling it all together and getting the Personal Trainer right in layout, content and technology. 

I'm going as fast as I can.  Gaia is not changing her time frames, she's not slowing on my account.

Yesterday I skyped for 45 minutes with a middle school in Wisconsin, a teacher that years ago met me, was impressed by my journey and work, at the 32 year White House Vigil Thomas started.  Gutsy guy, says the class was deeply, deeply impacted.  John has set up an hour skype interview with an off-main-stream news outlet tonight.

Hope has come from California to work on the books, any replanning of the Death Fast, media, interviews, video....


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 33 Death Fast Roll Back - Update

In book two, unlike with one, I'm doing a full read thru edit to make it easier on you.  That should be finished today. Barring any unforeseen roadblocks I expect to pull together the Personal Trainer part, and forward, etc, by Wed or Thursday, and send the draft to you, praying for a fast but deep read and comments, suggestions.

Then, I expect to take Brian's edits of book 1, the only ones I received, and do the final edit that book 1 will receive, and send that to you.

If I get lucky tech wise, I think I see how to make both books into audio books, a format that some groups only use.

Also, so all during this week, the above, I also, having received some authoritative input on my assumptions regarding the timeframes of Environmental Armageddon, I am hoping to secure some pointers to further articles from my source that can help me understand the view that I was offered as to what more accurately the risk curves look like.  As of now, my views have not changed, but I'm open to the new input if I can get it.

REMINDER, as I conclude the above later this week I expect, the Death Fast will resume. I'll take calories till then, but cease, and resume the Death Fast.  -
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.  When the above is concluded, per recent posts on the  SL Blg blog,
I am considering how to move forward.  Please review those last 6 or so posts.  I NEED YOU IN THE REPLANNING, I NEED YOUR INPUT, however for it to be qualified, input, and I can't accept anything other than that, 1st of all from myself, it will be required that anyone wishing to contribute to the replanning:
A. Have deeply read and grasped all the content of Book 1.
B. Have deeply grasped and seriously attempted to use, the Personal Trainer, Book 2

I won't have a lot of time.  Tho I am rolling back the day count 1 to 2 days per day that I'm taking calories, that is aggressive, so when I restart, I physically and mentally won't have a whole lot of time for replanning, so I pray that you are ready for book 2, are NOW spending the time to grasp book 1, and will ready to contribute late this week.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Loving, this Death Fast mission is the cornerstone of the Great Turning; Jesus work.' Occupy Brother

'Loving, this Death Fast mission is the cornerstone of the Great Turning; Jesus work.'  Occupy Brother to me yesterday, Saturday.  Paraphrase.  And if I misquote I apologize.

Since I've been in DC these 8 years or so it has been one day more shocking and horrifying than the prior day as to how hopeless what calls itself activism, religion, humanity., US democracy... is.  Totally unexpected.  Totally horrifying. Totally consistent... with some recent exceptions, slivers of hope in DC (and HOPE in California).  Over the last 9 months there have been two, and recently a trickle more folks, after a drought of 8 years, that give me some hope, in DC Occupy, McPherson.  One of the two, visited me briefly yesterday, Saturday, bringing me some Ensure, and electrolytes, and Love, and now clear respect for my need to remain in 'Isolation' to complete my part of the work.

But we spoke briefly, and I paraphrase - 'Loving, this Death Fast mission is the cornerstone of the Great Turning; Jesus work.' If I miss-quote the idea, I apologize. 

This too is my view.  I cry, I weep at the thought of it, the awe, the worry, the overwhelming emotion.  This Death Fast, what it represents, the strategy it is part of (read the 4 Waves of Death Fast before we are done, here, PAGE 28, hurry).  

Why is this it?  Because it is, and if you read this essay, and the book more broadly, you'll see it.

But the reason for this note, this morning - the Personal Trainer in final stages of compilation now, as I review it, AS I SUBMIT TO IT, USE IT, AS I AM NOW, JESUS IS CHEERING.  GANDHI IS CHEERING.  MLK JR IS CHEERING.

One of my great horrors, heartbreaks, despairs is: "Jesus death took away our sins."  Oh my God, the horror, the deadliness of these perverted notions is, well, Genocide, extinction of the species if we don't finally get past them.  Jesus DEATH DIDN'T TAKE AWAY OUR SINS, OUR 'ERRORS.' HIS DEATH BLAZED THE WAY FOR US TO DO S0 - HE SHOWED US, REMINDED US WHY WE ARE HERE - TO SERVE, TO MARCH TO THE DANGER, TO THE NEED, TO THE EMERGENCY, NOT FLEE IT.  THIS IS OUR CROSS, OUR BANQUET!!!, OUR FEAST!!!! (NO, I REALLY MEAN IT, OUR JOY, WHY WE ARE HERE) OUR REASON FOR BEING!!!!!  WHAT COULD BE MORE WONDERFUL? 

We have 200 billion live in our hands, right now, this second, this year, and then their fate is sealed.  There is no way we can wash our hands of this.

"If you Love me, you will do greater works than these, because I go on to the Creator (and you have more time here to work, to learn, to stand on My shoulders, to build, to go beyond what I've shared with you).

This, now, today is the time of Armageddon.  What is unclear of Armageddon is, how it will play out:  

A.  Do we allow it to be the time of the last and final destruction, that we unleash on our children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren... for the next 2000 generations, or, 


And, what outcome is your life dedicated to, (because it is)?  "We are all extremists.  Are you an an extremist of hate, or an extremist of Love?"  MLK Jr paraphrase.

Loving u

Friends - Anyone wishing to input into Death Fast Replanning...

Good morning. 

An obvious oversight to last evening's note - Anyone wishing to input into any Death Fast replanning as introduced below, to be at all qualified, would need to have read for deep, deep understanding and grasp, not only the forthcoming book 2, "Resurrecting the Insanely Human Unviolent Warrior in You,"   but also the recently released book 1, "Global Warming's Death.  Fast. Till enough are seen dying for it, global warming won't stop,"  available here.

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Sent: Saturday, June 2, 2012 7:34 PM
Subject: Friends, IMPORTANT - Planning from here forward of Death Fast

I'm holding on day 38, taking half ration calories so I can think again, and finish book 2, and maybe replan.

I expected zero interest, as that is what I've had on every campaign since the Darfur campaign 5 years ago.  Yet:

*  The world's leading activist, Diane Wilson, endorsed the book 1, "Global Warming's Death. Fast.", and by implication, applauded the Death Fast weapon.

*  There has been interest, from my friends and Family in Occupy DC since day 1, AND IT SEEMS TO BE MATURING, AS ACTIVISTS SHOW RAPID MATURING, BY THE DAY.

*  Hope and Brian have really invested themselves near full-time on getting up to speed on the details of the campaign, issues... approaching true partnership.  Two others are showing some inclinations to move in that direction as well.

*  There has been an international article, thanks Brian, LA Times, and also Chicago Trib, Vancouver, International Hispanic....

*  Hope penetrated Earth Policy Institute and they took an endorsing stand - Lester Brown's group, Plan B 3.0.

*  It appears that with fiery passion, clear vision, deep wisdom and humanity, someone is near joining the Death Fast, but with a question about optimal timing....

What does this mean for the current Death Fast?  I don't know yet.  I'd rather not decide in a vaccuum, but this is way to advanced for input from those that are not yet equipped, in my view.

Book 2, Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You - a Personal Trainer, is soon to be completed.  It is a much more challenging book to write, and to use, than the first, so it is going slower than I anticipated, but coming along well.  It so happens, that anyone that reads it in DETAIL, and uses the tool a few times deeply, would in my eyes, be qualified to provide useful input to me as to what Loving should do now to best serve humanity - A.  Resume the Death Fast when the book is written (the current 80% probability), or B.  Consider leveraging the points above and moving from this Death Fast, into recruiting mode for one to begin in about 6 months?  or C. ?

As soon as the book 2 is sent to you in a better edited draft from me than book 1, 2-4 days from now, I'll resume the Death Fast, currently holding at day 38.  But I'll be plenty lucid for another 3-6 days for review of incoming major issue/suggestion edits from EACH of you I pray, and for those who do so, and who indicate that they are seriously using the Trainer, I'll invite them to submit input/join in a discussion of how Loving, and the Death Fast, should go forward.