Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 33 Death Fast Roll Back - Update

In book two, unlike with one, I'm doing a full read thru edit to make it easier on you.  That should be finished today. Barring any unforeseen roadblocks I expect to pull together the Personal Trainer part, and forward, etc, by Wed or Thursday, and send the draft to you, praying for a fast but deep read and comments, suggestions.

Then, I expect to take Brian's edits of book 1, the only ones I received, and do the final edit that book 1 will receive, and send that to you.

If I get lucky tech wise, I think I see how to make both books into audio books, a format that some groups only use.

Also, so all during this week, the above, I also, having received some authoritative input on my assumptions regarding the timeframes of Environmental Armageddon, I am hoping to secure some pointers to further articles from my source that can help me understand the view that I was offered as to what more accurately the risk curves look like.  As of now, my views have not changed, but I'm open to the new input if I can get it.

REMINDER, as I conclude the above later this week I expect, the Death Fast will resume. I'll take calories till then, but cease, and resume the Death Fast.  -
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.  When the above is concluded, per recent posts on the  SL Blg blog,
I am considering how to move forward.  Please review those last 6 or so posts.  I NEED YOU IN THE REPLANNING, I NEED YOUR INPUT, however for it to be qualified, input, and I can't accept anything other than that, 1st of all from myself, it will be required that anyone wishing to contribute to the replanning:
A. Have deeply read and grasped all the content of Book 1.
B. Have deeply grasped and seriously attempted to use, the Personal Trainer, Book 2

I won't have a lot of time.  Tho I am rolling back the day count 1 to 2 days per day that I'm taking calories, that is aggressive, so when I restart, I physically and mentally won't have a whole lot of time for replanning, so I pray that you are ready for book 2, are NOW spending the time to grasp book 1, and will ready to contribute late this week.