Monday, June 25, 2012

Comments? 103 - Entropy, evil, decay wins by default, every second that I am not, INSHE warriors are not it's defeat. Every second

103 - Entropy, evil, decay wins by default, every second that I am not, INSHE warriors are not it's defeat.  Every second
Have you ever thought about this? I had not till a couple years ago. I'm no physicist, sadly, but the second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy, is that everything breaks down over time unless an equal or greater amount of energy is expended to prevent that, or to create beyond what's already been created.  A tree will eventually succumb to entropy; the sidewalks and buildings in DC are every second, victims of entropy.  In some cases the buildings and sidewalks, it's very clear that no efforts, no sufficient efforts have gone toward their upkeep, maintenance, or enhancement, and the unopposed ravages of entropy are clear.  And, with some it's very evident that loving care to overcome the ever present entropy has been at work.
You know, an activist including yourself, faces this on a daily basis.  A True Activist, is, exactly, the counter to entropy, evil, destruction, exploitation of the global neediest.  'Well, I get tired,' 'I get burned out.' 'I tried, I did an action last month, I wrote a really important blog last week,' 'I undertake a really important project next week....'
The true, effective unviolent warriors throughout history were humans.  They were not super-humans, but relative to most of us that are so deformed, so crippled psychologically and spiritually, they appeared super-human; but they're not.  And for years, or decades, or their entire life, they don't burnout.  For most people their hearts, that literally beat in their chest, don't burnout for 60, 70, 80, 90 years; nor do their kidneys; nor do their livers; nor does their skin.  These persist and succeed because at some level the understanding is in them that if they falter, in the case of the beating heart, for a second, it's over.  So, for 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 years - no faltering, constantly and successfully overcoming entropy, and creating anew.  The skin does what it has to including something like 40 billion cells self-terminating per day so that the, I guess trillions of skin cells stay healthy, the body of skin cells stays healthy. 
Healthy tissue, healthy organisms are 24/7 devoted to defeating entropy. If you're reading, or listening to this you probably consider yourself an activist.  Is this a correct assessment of you?  Are you a 24/7 counter to entropy?  Were the potent activists throughout history of 24/7 counter to entropy?  Seems to me Gandhi was.  Seems to me King was. 'Oh, but he womanized.'  What, 16 hours a day?  I don't think so.  16 hours a year maybe.  An 80-year-old can have a heart with an occasional arrhythmia imperfection and live effectively. 
Perfection is not the issue. Excellence is.