Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comments? Death Fast Restart - The Matrix, not V, is the Analog

Death Fast Restart - The Matrix, not V, is the Analog

Among the few living INSHE warriors, insanely humane unviolent warriors, those living today, there's been a powerful tendency to view the movie V, as the analogous metaphor for many, most of today's social justice issues, from the viewpoint of the most emotional left.  And it's been clear to me that's incorrect.   We in America are not fundamentally the victims of a plot, anymore than alcoholics in a neighborhood saturated by liquor stores are victims of a plot.  Victims of circumstance, yes.  But not victims of a plot.  It's not a predator, prey situation.  It is the dealer – addict situation.

At the time that my nervous system had concluded that devoting my life society's way was insanity, a waking vision, nothing mystical, occurred to me as I looked out over my Boston office campus. That all that I saw, all that I was living was as though an alien race had imposed this on the human species and caused us to view it as optimal, but in fact we were working for their existence and gratification, and to the detriment of our own.  Years later the movie the Matrix came out.   And since it came out it has been at the forefront of movies that most show us the insanity of our it current choices; though we scrupulously refuse to 'see' what it so clearly shows us about ourselves. 

But it was only this morning that an aspect of that movie, Matrix, occurred to me, and it's monumentally important.  What occurred to me was that the humanoids in the Matrix, the physical bodies were not victims; they were not captives.  They were addicts from birth.

And the crucial implication of this is - is it conceivable that masses of them would want to leave the only life, the only existence that they've ever known?  I am unable to conceive of circumstances that could cause that; and if I really push myself it includes centrally the notion of masses of fellow Matrix-ites that have chosen to happily 'recover' from the Matrix, and are somehow unmistakably better off as a consequence.

Those in the Matrix are the quintessential affloholic's. 

Alcoholics, only the tiniest proportion never knew existence before alcohol.  Most knew life before alcohol, and possibly this is a major advantage in an attempt to return to 'normal.'  And yet the recovery rate for the alcoholic is in the neighborhood of 6%, 7%, given the best-known treatment even with that 'advantage' of knowing life before addiction. 

What if a child is addicted to alcohol in the womb, and the alcohol continued without ceasing after birth - what if that child never knew existence without alcohol?  What would the chance of recovery be?  That child was never a human, even physiologically, if a human is that which our DNA would produce.  That child was not the product of DNA but a product of DNA plus a toxified, addictive environment. 

The direction of this morning's revelations, they take me further down the road that has been unfolding for me in recent years.  They represent a heightened clarity; a sharper vision, as it relates to environmental Armageddon, and how Loving's life is to be spent, in the context of that most dire of all looming holocausts.  What is there for Loving, the INSHE warrior, to do, when the population has been Affloholic since birth?  This is not a human population.  It is a humanoid population, but it is not a human population, the last of which may have been my father's generation.  I don't know.

At what point does the likelihood of mass cure becomes so low, so remote, that attempting to bring about a mass cure is foolish, the work of a fool?  The medical team coming upon a body with absolutely no vital signs - if they make no attempt to revitalize the body, have they accepted defeat? Have they quit?  Or simply, are they sane?

A tip of the spear, non-affloholic army would be the only prayer, and the work of forming such an army, the only work.