Friday, June 1, 2012

Headed into Exhaustian, Very Fragile mode. Need your compliance.

Headed into Exhaustion, Very Fragile mode.  Need your compliance.

Dozens, and dozens, and dozens of times throughout my life I've executed missions successfully exactly like this one, just different.  It is territory I know like the back of my hand.

You may think that now I need lots of support, and that is true, but not what you think.  More than ever, with the exception of Brian, Hope, and one other who has committed in an important way to partner in the campaign, and will visit with me Sunday, I need SPACE, that you have acceded to in recent days.  

My energy, powers of focus, etc are waning, but that's par for the course.  IF you continue to comply with my wishes and allow the uninterrupted seclusion I need, I'll be able to do my part. 

I will not allow interference with the mission, especially now that I'm entering a very very depleted, fragile zone for me.

As Brian and Hope know, I am TOTALLY available to the press, serious interviews, potential Death Fasters - and entirely functional in that regard.  That's the point, what I have left WILL complete the books, and WILL meet the needs of the mission, and I'll not allow that to be interfered with.

BTW, I dragged all my stuff up hill just now to a power outlet so I can recharge and complete working on the book.  Expect to be back on site by 1 or 2 am Sat am.

BTW, Finnis newspaper, 800000 readers, came for a photo shoot, 30 min today.

ALSO, a Canadian woman stopped by, is doing my portrait, said the story is in the Vancouver Press.  Thanks Brian.

Loving you all