Thursday, May 31, 2012

Status Update - Death Fast Day 36 - Canadian Embassy, DC

Thank the Creator, with the exception of maybe an hour or so per day, I remain sharp and sufficiently strong, uh, barely.

Thanks to friends at Occupy DC I've made it to day 37 relatively in tact, funcitonal, and I'm fairly sure now, able to get the books completed sufficiently. Wouldn't have been possible without them.  But I'm operating now at about 50% of normal capacity, haven't a fraction of the powers of focus I've enjoyed throughout my life, hence I've placed myself in isolation so the work can get finished.

Thanks to Brian, and a good hearted soul at my preferred US Newspaper, an article appeared yesterday in the LA Times -,0,4694549,full.story . Despite the astonishing riggor, wisdom, discipline of this wonderful writer, I'm gussing editors removed much from his story that is what the Death Fast is really about, to make it more like all the others, so you can't learn much about it, other than the dates and stuff, from the article. But all that matters on Earth right now, is that if there are 1000 people in the US that Love Humanity more than they Love their own life, that they come and join the Death Fast, now.  And they can't very well do that if they don't know of it, so this LA Times article is a Godsend, thanks to Brian and the writer.  THANK YOU.

Thanks to Hope, my sister from California, coming here soon to help hands on, Lester Brown, Plan B 3.0 has given a postitive mention on their site (?) - See end of this email.  HUGE HOPE!

The Book 2, inspired by my glimmerings of hope for Occupy DC, that they can grow to be a hope for themselves and for their world, the transcriptions should be finished today - a Draft 1 should be forthcoming tomorrow.  I PRAY, IF THERE REMAINS ANYONE I'VE NOT YET TOTALLY DRIVEN AWAY, that you immediately read the draft and provide top level comments, major suggestions, major input.  Use Word revisions if you have it, and if not, just make the comments, suggestions, changes in the text and two 'compare' programs should be able to find them.

The first several pages are attached.  Please read them, now.  Send any comments with a clear subject line about the book, pls.

I have an electricity arrangement with a local store from whom I picked up bread for the homeless, for years.  I can quickly walk up with a dead laptop, leave it to charge, while I return and use the other. Last night I was being interviewed by Occupy I (?)  and missed their close time so I bundled up all my stuff (leaving the water, HEAVY, under a bench, and went to an outdoor receptical elsewhere in the city. Was back by midnight).

Have placed myself in total seclusion for as many days as it takes until the book is done.  I've requested no visitors but the press, anyone doing interviews, interested 1st time visitors, or either of the two  individuals (one coming now from California) that I've named elsewhere, that have repeatedly shown devotion to the mission of the Death Fast. in whole, and in detail, have gotten themselves up to speed, are staying in lockstep with me, with great and obviously necessary discipline and care.  This BECAUSE I love you all, and must get this work done for you; and because the integrity, consistency, focus, Heart of this Death Fast must be protected and carried forward.  Yes, I make no assumption you or anyone will ever read or use what I'm offering the 2nd book  But that's not my business.  Making it available to you, is.

I've also announced that until the books are done, I'm reading emails only from the two that have stepped up as emerging partners for the Death Fast, or from the press, etc.

Ok, back to work.

--------- Plan B 3.0 ---------------

Hi Hope,
Not sure what you plan to do with our comment, but here is our comment, which you can attribute to Lester Brown.
Fasting is an historically valuable way to draw attention to a cause. Religious and national leaders have either fasted or called on their nations to fast and pray for healing, such as Mahatma Gandhi and President Abraham Lincoln. Women fasted for the right to vote. Start Loving's hunger strike is drawing attention to our need to shift from environmentally destructive fossil fuels, in particular the tar sands in Canada, to clean renewable energy. We at the Earth Policy Institute admire his courageous effort.
Reah Janise Kauffman
Vice President
From: EPI
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 7:42 AM
To: Reah Janise Kauffman
Subject: FW: Death Hunger Strike in support of 3.0