Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have a confession.

I've been fighting alone, against impossible odds, for humanity, as best I knew how, my entire adulthood, and winning way more than my share.

I can fight alone, forever.  I have, I will. 

But I am totally unable to fight on two fronts, especailly when the new front is on what I thought was my side, and for days now, my fault, no one elses, I've been trying to fight on multiple fronts last few days.

No more.  Enough.  Finished, as of now.

I've just f*cked up on this campaign for the first time.  I'm on day 35, I'm told, not 34. I'm exhausted, weak, depleated.  But make no mistake, I can and will do my part. 

But from now on, anyone, regardless of motive, regarless how nice or well intended or understandable, anyone wanting to talk to me about other than how to win this, now, how they can help, based on what I've already been clear on, will receive zero attention from me. ZERO.  Anyone that sees a way to help, I think you are crazy if you don't, help every young person you know, by helping this.  Frickin join it.  But if you want to talk about me, me stopping - go talk to someone else, cuz I won't.

I just flipped the 1 finger salute to the two most disgusting, snearing, filthy guys in a Mercedes, with a camera, just scum.  I don't regret it 1 bit. If it appears all over the internet, you won't like it, but I stand with the truth, and I gave them the truth.  And the 1 in 1000, they won't be disuaded one spec. Nothing else matters.

I'm sorry if this isn't clear, but it is the best I can do.

Loving you all