Monday, June 18, 2012

RETRACTION: Fw: Legal attack by Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute?

[Do we think that our brothers and sisters on the right, the deniers, 'see' their denial?  Although not the final word on the subject, Chris Mooney's 'The Republic Brian,' a meta-study of recent research makes it clear - pre-cognition the brains of the right, and the brains of the left, liberals, progressives, environmentalists... PRE-COGNITION screw with the input.  For each group, their brain knows full well, what they want the 'truth' to be and it automatically renders as absurd, outrage, plot, conspiracy, lashing-out... the 'news' it doesn't want to hear.  I've taken license here, you decide if it I am incorrect.  The right (Is it slander, malice, lashing out, that I say so?) murderously denies the climate science.  The left murderously denies the personal price that many will have to pay in terms of funding, reputation, relationships, jobs, income, and even their personal lives to give the next 2000 generations, 200 billion people a planet they can do more than just barely survive.]

About 2 hours ago one of the two thought leaders in the environmental movement who's basic humanity and even courage I've come to respect, told me essentially, that me thinking that EPI would come after me legally was absurd.  There is a price for shutting a member of the human family out of the process, as I've been by the established activist movement in general, and the anti-global warming club more recently - a good, decent, honest family member will not 'go away,' right?  Would you?  If you haven't seen the movie, massively disturbing, massively courageous, "John Q," you need to.  Denzel Washington.  Now, the bad family member will rant, carry on, be concerned about themselves.... Pitiful.  But the good family member will never, go away.  They will constructively, and relentlessly hold themselves, and all on whom their 'family' depends, to the highest standards.  That's Loving, and everyone alive, and the next 2000 generations are my immediate family.  Yours too.  Right?  Immediate Family, right?  Americans, Africans, Bangladeshis....

The point?  Deprived of any and all inside information, kept out of the adult conversation, I WILL ACT, as best I can.  If my begging for better information is ever responded to, no one will be more joyful than I.

So, one of two in the anti-global warming club who's moral integrity I've been shown reason to respect, quite angry, quite disappointed in me, said my guess at possible EPI, Lester Brown is absurd.

I accept that, and I retract, now being in possession of what I hope to be better information, what I emailed earlier today.


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Good morning. 


If you see me disappear, go missing, or my web sites come down...

Several recent emails from Lester Brown's Earth Policy Institute raise the specter in my mind that they may consider legal action against me and my work for sharing non-confidential comments from Lester Brown in email exchanges.  If you view my book on Scribd you will see it in the first few pages. 

Global Warming's Death. Fast. DRAFT 6 M

Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You. Fast. Draft 1 G

May I suggest you download, READ, and prepare to distribute widely should the worst transpire?

I had hoped that Lester Brown and EPI were bigger than this.  I still hope that Lester Brown and EPI are bigger than this.  But if my worst fears are born out, they may come after my sites to which I've devoted years, and in one case a decade to, from which I've derived not a penny, nor would ever do so, and in the process they would deprive the future of an honest attempt to be of service.  Maybe this is not their concern.  They and we may learn much now.

In as much as I live to fight Global Warming, rather than living handsomely off-of the fight of Global Warming, I have no funds or possessions for them to go after, and I've informed them of this, oh, except for $300 worth of laptops and some old, very dirty now, clothes.  They know where I can be found, and that even if I had the funds, I'd not fight them legally.  That is not my way.  That is not the hope for Global Warming's Death.  Fast.

I pray Lester Brown and EPI are bigger than this, and not, as my worst fears suggest, living off of the biggest threat ever to face humanity, rather than fighting to stop it, regardless of personal cost.