Friday, June 15, 2012

Personal Trianer Introduction complete. Awaiting final comments on Book 2

Okay, so if you're an insanely humane warrior or insanely humane warrior want to be by whatever name, if you feel that you need to become the caliber of someone that did the freedom rides, many of the activists in SNCC, southern nonviolent coordinating committee, many in Tahrir square….  If you have the guts to realize that you may not be of that caliber yet, but are yearning to become that caliber then that's what this personal trainer is for.   I've had that yearning, I still have that yearning, to be better.  I've been burning with the desire to become something that could significantly, for one person, stand in the way of environmental Armageddon and by using, in essence, this tool for the last 10 months, I dramatically, dramatically progressed, as the lead video in this book sequence shows you graphically, the progress I made, and at the top of the spreadsheet, the Personal Trainer I'm about to show, there is a link to that initial video, these two live links in column B, the first two live links in blue that you see on your page, the first two entries
will take you if you're online, right to those videos.   And if you haven't seen them they are the right place to start, now.

I hope you've read the book one or several times, trying to drink in deeply the meaning of each of the 95 characteristics.  Those 95 characteristics are numbered here in column A, the numbers in column A correspond to the characteristic number in the book, and each of these links in blue in column B will take you to an online site that's been built with each of those essays.  So even after you've read the book several times and then begin using this Personal Trainer, you'll undoubtedly come to a title that just doesn't ring a bell, or don't ring clear enough, or that you disagree with; click on that link and it will take you directly to the essay.

Now a standard feature of Excel is that in a workbook there can be multiple pages, or tabs, along the bottom starting at the left.  Each of these sheets is of the same format in this trainer.  The first three are ones that I prefilled for thinking about each characteristic relative to what I know about Alice Paul, and two groups from the movie "Battle in Seattle," and that's what we've been looking at here.  If I click on the second, this I went through and thought about what I had seen in the movie Battle in Seattle, the people that I call the window smashers, I don't remember seeing them a lot, but there was one brief point. For me it was in stark contrast to the third tab here, which are the WTO Crane hangers, the male and female leads who we see early on dangling from one of the few things that makes me really scared, which is heights, and they are hanging from a really high crane.   I and my rating, if by any chance you can see this cursor, I rated it once,  I thought of those two characters once and I did a composite rating of them, scale of -5 being, oh my God, just totally on the wrong planet, pulling in the wrong direction, to +5 being, wow, nailed it.  Not with any thought of influencing you, except to empower you with my views for the window smashers.  Most of my ratings, which are on your sheet if you fire it up, starting in column F, I rated it once, going down through all 95 characteristics, and then I simply copied right to give you a better visualization - black areas are clueless -5,-4,-3 ,the most that I found for the window smashers was, oh, kind of neutral, zero, so it begins to get a lighter color there.  The numbers you put in which could be 4, 4.1, 4.2, -4.01... this is a gut rating, you can put in whatever you want and it will it will give you a visual representation from - 'in the dark,' black, to 'bright hot blue flame,' which is what you find with a five.

The crane hangers again, not to bias you at all friends but I think I owe you a picture of where my head is at.  You see quite a bit of blue flame when I think about the crane hangers from the Battle in Seattle movie you must see.

Incidentally, in each of these first three, which refers to movies that are available, hopefully you have them, hopefully you've seen them, but if you haven't, let's see, row six or so in the column D,E,F area,  here you would see a live link to where you could I get the movie Battle in Seattle, and in a similar place on the page you find the same thing for Iron Jawed Angels.  And for the fourth or fifth tab which is Freedom Riders. 

Now for freedom riders I did not at all go through and do a rating, because I wanted to give you in this case the opportunity to not have my input, to see the movie, and a link to it in row six  I believe, column F, watch the movie and then do your own rating for all 95 characteristics.  One of the tabs is of course, 'You."  

Now, if I haven't mentioned it, on each of these,  hopefully you can see that in column B, over to the right in row 2, you see a button called "insert new column.'  You don't need to do that yet because this first column D, which is in gray will is fresh and ready to begin to take your ratings.  So let's say you are rating yourself - the first characteristic is '001. Every breath square in harms way, shielding the innocents with my own body.  That's what the heart does.'  That's how the first characteristic reads.  'Wow, I'm really there,' you say to yourself.  I'm a '4.'  It just color-coded your entry, and it so happens that green, not black, not brown but green comes up for a '4.'  The second characteristic - '002. My theory is that the best time to cure a deadly epidemic, mass disease, mass insanity is now; well before it goes terminal.   'Wow, I'm really on with that.  I'm just staying focused and my sense of urgency is huge.  That's a 4.6 for me,' and 4.6 it's getting toward blue, hot flame.

This tool, and the color coding, is very much biased toward someone that probably like a Gandhi, probably like a King, almost has a binary rating scale for themselves -  A. I'm either what the world needs to see, or B. I might as well be clueless.  The point isn't to beat oneself up.  The point is to save our target clients.  So, the difference between a -5 and a zero is not going to get a whole lot of a color change, not much progress indicated; I mean, what's the real difference between a horrible doctor, and a really, really bad doctor?  It's going to be pretty dark really up through 3.5, or a 4, a 3 anyway, up through there is not much of a color change but from 3 to 5, is where we begin to be significantly hopeful to the world, then the colors accelerate in how much they change a relatively small improvement. 

So the third characteristic – '003. I'm being the change, I'm dying, totally giving up my life to save the world.'  

By the way, were all dying for something aren't we?  A date with that girl, recovery of my marriage, the promotion, the car, the meal.... At least in this society those are the things, but among the potent activists, INSHE warriors, they're dying for the suffering to stop.  They're dying for the injustice to stop.   They're dying for a future for humanity.  Were all dying for something friends.  We're literally giving everything we have for something.  So hopefully, you'll not be distracted by some sense of morbidness with my frequent use of such words as dying.

The twist of this is, the insanely humane, you know what, you know where their bodies are always?  Literally or figuratively they're in the way of harm, that's what the heart does.  That's what the good mom does, that's what the good dad does.  So, you know, if you find my language of 'dying' offensive, or morbid, then you probably are going to know really quick that this material isn't for you.  If on the other hand, you'll pay any price, any discomfort to try and do your part of saving the world from the insanity that's in the final stages of dooming us, you're probably going to be okay with the language, and eventually you may be pretty glad someone had the courage to remind us of what humanity does - it puts its body in the way.  To die?  No.  To be reckless?  No.  To save the innocents, to shield the innocents.

So, coming back to the Personal Trainer tool, next characteristic – '004. I'm being the change, I'm dying, totally giving up my life to be the change the world needs to see, and needs to be.'  'You know, I really don't think, I'm so distracted, I just don't have that mental focus, yet. I think that's a -2 for me now.'  So now we are getting down and into the in-the-dark colors.  Next characteristic – '005. I'm living, I'm fighting, I'm worthy because I'm dying for, every breath, I'm devoted to our neediest family, that's a Martin Luther King paraphrase.'  'Wow, that just doesn't apply to me right now. I get it.  It just doesn't apply to me right now. I'm about a -4;'  giving you an idea what the colors look like for the different numbers in the too.   So now we are in dark territory.

So that's the process.  Let's put in some values as though you had just completed all 95 characteristics for your first time, and now four hours later, you decide, 'you know what?  I want to go through this again.'  And by the way, that's the way I am in the first weeks of using a tool like this.  I don't have time to let slip by, my clients don't need me to 'try' but to win; I need to get fixed in my mind, I needed to become top of mind, top of consciousness with these characteristics, I need to reshape myself so they are part of me.   I just clicked the button that says 'insert column,'  it just put in a column with today's date;  it doesn't have time;  I don't know if we should be that anal about things right now.  However, you can have it automatically put in the time, just learn a little about Excel.   So here, you have a new column - it has pushed your previous rating, it's retained your prior rating, and pushed it off to the right.  So if you keep rating and adding columns your earliest ones will be pushed further and further over to the right.  Your most current ones will be more toward the left, right next to the black column, which is right next to the 95 characteristics; and it's all ready for you to put in ratings.

It's a real good idea that when you save your work the first time you "save as" instead of saving 'to' what I sent you, or what you downloaded, 'Aspiring Insanely Humane Personal Trainer,' putting your name at the end of the title, using 'save as,' and save it.  So now you'll have the original file in case anything ever corrupts your working sheet, so you could start over again.  Hopefully that will never happen.  (However, 'Jesus Saves,' and you should too.)  I strongly recommend however that every once in a while you do a 'save as.' 

So every once in a while, every four or five days that you've used this, and again do a 'save as' and create revisions for yourself.  So this is the one with your name, let's do a 'save as' on that as though you've been using this for five days and let's do an 'r1,' revision 1.  Call it what you want but every four or five days do that, this has a macro in it, you'll start creating a lot of data, and every once in a blue moon a spreadsheet will go corrupt, and you probably just don't want to lose the months worth of visual reference for yourself. 

And if you follow the steps I just recommended, including doing a 'save as' and adding your name so that you left the original file intact, freely go do some experimenting, some playing, see how this works.  See how the various links work.   Actually, why don't we do that now, see if we can get lucky, let's pull up the link 'my personal trainer,' I just click on that link, it takes us to an online version of the book,  insanely humane, to the 'intro to your personal trainer.' So with that you can go to the YouTube video which hopefully you've reviewed first.  But if you haven't, now is the time to do it.  It's a good introduction of the version of this, more importantly, to the process that brought me to the point where I could finally see this way to stop environmental Armageddon, this death fast, why I'm here in front of the Canadian Embassy, with the first weapon we've had that can actually, that can actually stop this.  Hunger strike, Self immolation, too weak.  All of this covered in something called, "Global Warming's Death. Fast," a book which can be found on both of the blogs 'Start Loving' and blog 'Tracking Plan B.'  So, this is simply to show you that the links are live.  This link brought up that introductory video which is interspersed with me, but also graphics interspersed explaining the tool again. 

Don't struggle with this friends.  I have tried to provide you plenty of good material, please go to it, use it.  If you're one of the ones reviewing this soon and now, then for the next three, four days I expect to be available on e-mail and by all means feel free.  If you do your part of the work, and contact me and let me help you through, and then maybe you'll become trainer to others.

So 'insert column;' on several of these, you'll see links to movies that by God you need to see.  I'm sorry, you just need to see them.   Battle in Seattle, Freedom Riders, Iron Jawed Angels, absolute must sees. 

Limber up by seeing those movies or recalling them if you've seen them, and then giving your own ratings for each criteria, and if you like, look at mine, and if you don't want to look at the ratings I gave, delete mine, but limber up without getting personal to yourself first, by looking at independent references, Alice Paul, Crane Hangers, the window smashers, the Freedom Riders.   After you see that movie, using the next tab, think about the environmental movement today. 

You know, Eisenhower, Allied commander of World War II was known as a consummate planner, and he said, 'Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.'  Preparing the mind, shaping the mind, developing the mind, that's what this tool is all about. 

Godspeed friends.