Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friends, IMPORTANT - Those having difficulty, pain... with Loving's Death Fast...

Friends, IMPORTANT - Those having difficulty, pain... with Loving's Death Fast...

I've continued to take modest calories to finish the books, and this will continue till they, and the audio versions are done.  I'll do a recount as to days when they are done, drop 2 days for every day I've taken calories from day 39 - I'm guessing the Death Fast Restart will be somewhere around day 10-17 or so, by that method - but whatever the math comes out to, tho I still look like day 30 or so.  I hope to restart by early next week.

A real good draft of "Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You, a Personal Trainer,"  1d, went out last night - Here, and for online browsing, and to interact with your Personal Trainer tool, here. The Personal Trainer tool should go out tonight, selected email, and blog posts.  I desperately need your immediate input, but I know of only one, maybe three that show any intention of doing so - I'll take what I can get, soon, and or go with what I've got already. 

As you know by now, I meant what I said day 1, "I can do my part perfectly well by myself.  I do not need support (tho when it is what helps the campaign, I'll gladly accept it; but not if it interferes.)  I'm sure that a Navy SEAL would say the same, and it would be true.  And YOU, in that which you are most practiced and competent, again, it would be true of you.  What I'm doing now I've been doing since my early 30's - it just looks different. I know the territory, I know me.

I also meant what I said on two other counts, day 1, in so many words, that are similar to each other:

1. I can't do what others would need to do as partners in this campaign -
qualified PR,
qualified Promotion,
securing those who will join;
and Securing an Injunction against violating my DNR, and Legal Advice regarding anyone that might either watch over me the final hours or days, or
take me to a place safe from Resuscitation if the Injunction doesn't come thru, and someone offers me a place to die).

2. I can't do what 1000 here on Death Fast can do.  But I can do what I can do, my part, regardless, and I'll joyfully do that.  I'm quite relieved that soon I can fully resume my most crucial part.


Gandhi was emphatic.  It is far harder on those with me, than on I, when I'm in prison, or on hunger strike.

This is fundamentally and profoundly true.  Think of a movie where the central character is working to 'save the word.'  Lot's of movies to choose from, right?  Grade A, thru grade Z. We grimace, while watching,  right?  We ache.  We hurt.  But now think if the character.  Do they?  Think now.  No.

It is much, infinitely harder on the bystanders, the onlookers - Hell for them; Heaven for the one trying to save the world.

THE SECOND YOU NEED TO HATE ME, VILIFY ME, COMPLETELY DISTANCE FROM ME (I'M GUESSING ALMOST ALL HAVE DONE SO BY NOW), BE ANGRY AT ME... DO IT.  I'll love you no less, not one smidgen.  I want you do do what you need to to get thru this ok.

BUT, ONE LAST POINT - A REPEAT - I CAN'T FIGHT ON TWO FRONTS.  I AM UNABLE.  SO, IF YOU WORK TO GET ME TO STOP; IF YOU WORK ON OTHERS ASSOCIATED, WORKING ON THE CAMPAIGN, LOBBYING TO GET ME TO STOP, OUR DIALOG, OUR RELATIONSHIP, WILL STOP.  Out of anger?  Out of hate?  :) happy  Out of need.  I will complete my part.  I'll not fail you in that.  And if terminating contact, fully, with you is necessary, that's what I'll do. 

Loving u all