Thursday, April 12, 2012



Posted: 12 Apr 2012 01:32 PM PDT
nd sLoving here. Never before yesterday saw I that the War of Mass Destruction is underway - WWIII, WMD. Enlightening.  Frightening. Empowering.
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 12:45 PM PDT
'Where MLK was Aiming: 'A person's not equipped to fight, war, till they know what they would die for.' sLoving on MLK's shoulders
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 12:30 PM PDT
'Let's say all who you know are alcies, stone drunk, and all's lost lest you sober them up?' sLoving
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 07:59 AM PDT
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 06:16 AM PDT
Fredericton hunger striker taken to hospital - ‎18 hours ago‎ (CBC) A Fredericton man, who has been on a hunger strike for 38 days to protest against human rights abuses in his native country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, collapsed on Wednesday afternoon and was taken to hospital. Fredericton man will continue hunger strike for Congo despite collapsingGlobal Regina
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 06:11 AM PDT
Palestinians spurn Netanyahu's invitation to resume talks, demand settlement ...Washington Post
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 06:06 AM PDT
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 06:05 AM PDT
Thomas Friedman Praises Palestinian Jew Murderer FrontPage Magazine - ‎7 hours ago‎ In his New York Times article of April 4 ("A Middle East Twofer"), Friedman does offer one accurate insight into the psyche of Israel's population: Israel can accommodate a Palestinian state on its border only when Israelis can feel strategically ... Still Not a ZionistDaily Beast Who Owns the
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 05:13 AM PDT
Günter Grass says Israel ban reminds him of East German Stasi The Guardian - ‎24 minutes ago‎ The German Nobel literature laureate Günter Grass has compared the Israeli interior minister to the Stasi, the latest move in an escalating dispute following Grass's publication of a poem criticising Israel. Translation of controversial Guenter Grass poem 'What Must Be Said'Washington Post
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 05:12 AM PDT
The voice of today's GOP: Allen West says Democrats are commies Los Angeles Times - ‎10 minutes ago‎ By David Horsey Rep. Allen West, one of the loosest cannons in the Republican arsenal, believes there are about 80 members of the Communist Partyin the United States Congress. Communist Party slams Allen WestPolitico 'Stupid reporter' took 'Communist' allegation out of context,
Posted: 12 Apr 2012 04:13 AM PDT
Tracking Plan B - Lester Brown's START LOVING [WARRING UNVIOLENTLY] 041112 Ocean acidification linked to larval oyster failure Eureka! Science News America Doesn't Need More of Canada's Dirtiest Export: Tar Sands Oil Natural Resources Defense Council ***** Your Kids? On Titanic. Nat Gas? Fills 25% of the hole, PREVENTS ALL ELSE. Happy? GET REAL. THEY'RE UNDER DEADLY,
Posted: 11 Apr 2012 03:56 PM PDT
nd 'War's won when enough decide they have too.  They figure out how, later.' sLoving
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