Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We've got Maria's back - don't we?

We've got Maria's back - do you?
Rainforest Action Network
Protect home for the holidays.

Maria Gunnoe's home on Coal River
Mountain - at least for now

Help RAN do justice for the earth and all its people in 2010

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Dear Friend,

Maria Gunnoe is an 8th generation "mountain holler girl." Her home is encircled by West Virginia's Appalachian Mountains - at least what's left of them.

She and her family spent summer days in the river that runs by her house, but that water is now toxic - thanks to coal extractor Massey Energy's mountaintop removal coal mining operations. Mountaintop removal coal mining is poisoning - and killing - Maria and her neighbors.

Maria could have left her home, but instead she's chosen to stay and fight, and Massey knows they'll have to go through her if they want their dirty coal. That's why they've tried tactics too horrifying to write here to stop her.

But, you know what? They haven't been able to stop her. She's staying in her family home and fighting. So are we. Massey won't just have to go through Maria, they'll have to go through us. We've got Maria's back, and we'll do everything in our power to stop the assault in West Virginia.

Help Rainforest Action Network stand strong with fearless activists like Maria. Please make a tax-deductible gift before midnight December 31st.

Massey Energy is not only forcing people out of their homes and threatening to wipe out an entire culture. Their destruction is all in the name of dirty, climate-killing coal, and that affects everyone, everything, everywhere. Corporate greed has put this great, beautiful planet we all call home at risk. So while you're thinking about being home this time of year, I hope you'll also think about protecting our shared home for the holidays, too.

Bringing industry to justice - no matter what it takes - is the right thing to do, and it's why RAN is here. I'm proud of the work RAN has done this year to hold industry's feet to the fire. And if you've done even one thing to help us, whether you've made a gift, signed a petition, or joined a demonstration, then you ought to share that pride with me.

Start, we don't take contributions from big business or the government, it's all you. You enable us to do justice for Maria, for the earth and all its peoples. With just 3 days left in the year, your support will make or break our plans to take the fight to big polluters' doorsteps in 2010.

Thank you, and a very peaceful and happy new year to you and yours.
Michael Brune
Executive Director
Rainforest Action Network

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